Background information

Bruno Sauer

Bruno Saur,
Chief Executive Officer, Green Building Council España

Graduated as an architect in Antwerp (Belgium) and as an Urban Planner in Barcelona (Spain), Bruno Sauer has developed for more than 25 years a professional experience based on a sustainable vision on our built environment.

During 7 years he was part of Pich Architects as project leader. Founder in 2002 of Bipolaire Arquitectos. Since 2003 he has been teaching urban sustainable design at the Technical University of Valencia and later at the European University of Valencia.

Since 2014 he is CEO of the Green Building Council España (GBCe) combining his feeling for leadership with a technical expertise on building sustainable architecture.

A sustainable development has to be economic viable, environmental friendly but in the first place it should empower people to grow towards a more human society: mutual understanding, listening more than speaking, sharing instead of imposing, and always looking to the future.

Bruno is a passionate cyclist and beloved cook: “his fridge is a storage place with building materials for a healthy dinner!”.