Meet the Supporter: Alberto Perez Pereira

Meet the supporter Alberto Perez Pereira

Alberto Perez Pereira

We are living in a world where the consumption of energy and resources is growing faster and faster every year. This evolution is mainly driven by developed economies like North America and Western Europe.
It is possible to contribute on a daily basis by recycling, biking to work, use electric mobility… and of course by thinking upfront before making the most important investment in one person’s life, buying/building a house: How is the isolation? Is this the solution I really need? What is the energy (heat, electricity…) demand? etc.
As a consumer we have only a limited number of choices but as designers, architects, developers and primary materials manufacturers we have not only the opportunity but the duty to guide consumers and provide them the best choice of solutions according to their present and future needs.
Today there are several associations, from manufacturers to consumers, going through specific professions. From my point of view, they are all looking for their own interest instead of having a holistic view and a long term, global approach.
I would personally be very happy to contribute as much as I can to shape the world of tomorrow and hope that this initiative will put together different sorts of professionals with a wide set of skills to share, discuss and influence the building standards.
By having the right mindset, we can define the future and improve the quality of life of many people and contribute to live in a better world.

I am a passionate marketer with strong technical background and experience in different markets. When I first joined the building industry, I found the way to mix my concern about people and sustainability . Since then my target is to look for sustainable and energy efficient solutions to improve the quality of life of the people around the world.
After working several years in South Europe in different roles such as engineer, technician, KAM and product manager, I finally arrived at Henkel where I found an enthusiastic and supportive team which allows me to develop myself and my career.
As of today, my role is to steer sealants for professionals and waterproofing for consumer categories in close cooperation with top management and the different regions across the world.
As a traveler and outdoor lover, I am always looking for the next trip or adventure. It doesn’t matter if it is on the other side of the world or just hiking some hills in a village nearby.
I am always happy to have interesting discussions and explore new business opportunities.