Meet the Supporters: Randa Mouammar & Dr. Ghassan Al Nimry

Meet the supporters Randa Mouammar & Ghassan Al Nimry

Buildings today leave an impact on the planet in ways that transcend a simple structure, measurably affecting land, water, energy, human health and the climate.
For that reason, designers must adhere to an intelligent constitution and create only sensible, sustainable designs.

As Director and Founder of Eco-Structures International, Ghassan’s work is centred on bringing to the region low-cost, sustainable solutions to construction and infrastructure. The company’s primary division supplies TermoDeck, the region’s only thermal energy storage solution used in the construction of buildings across the GCC, proven to reduce installed AC capacity by 50%. With more than 25 years of industry experience in the region and internationally, Ghassan advised on and developed infrastructure/engineering projects in construction, oil & gas, telecommunications for large multinational firms including BHP Billiton, Eskom, Etisalat, IBM, Motorola, Pall Corp, Petrofac and The Weir Group.
In the early 2000s he founded and led a UK-based team of leading aerospace and telecommunications and academic institutions to develop and market TeleSky, a high coverage, low cost airborne wireless solution.
Ghassan is a CSR advocate, and consults with Dubai Economy which introduced legislation to accelerate the adjudication of legal disputes in Dubai Courts. He also advised on the Dubai “Green Building Regulations and Specifications” and the soon to be published “Barjeel – Ras Al Khaimah Green Building Regulatory Guidelines.”
Ghassan completed high school at 14 to become the one of youngest doctoral engineering graduates at George Washington University, U.S.A., graduating at the top of his class.

Randa Mouammar joined Eco-Structures in 2007 as a legal and communications consultant, and worked her way through various roles to eventually head strategic operations.
She started her career in Canada in 2000 practising administrative and human rights law. In 2006, she relocated to the UAE and worked for multinational SMEs in healthcare with a mandate to improve the “sickcare” industry through the practice of proactive health. She left her role as President International of the Inflamaging Physician Network to join Eco-Structures full-time in 2016 expanding her focus on individual human health to the macro environmental impact of the construction industry, particularly with respect to HVAC building designs in the GCC.
Her career has spanned different industries but is fixed on advancing private sector initiatives that improve the human condition and promote sustainable strategies for a better future.
Through social media channels and direct outreach to academics, policy makers and industry professionals, she is working to establish thermal energy storage HVAC building designs as the disruptive change to new build standards in the GCC.
Randa studied at Osgoode Hall law school at York University and has a Masters in Political Science and Law degree from Western University, Canada with a focus on modern Middle Eastern socio-political systems and development studies. She is a member of the Law Society of Ontario since 2005.